Vintage Grey Nike Fleece Shorts for Men - Size S/M (SKU 4626)

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Step into comfort and style with these Vintage Grey Nike Fleece Shorts. Perfect for casual wear, these shorts offer a blend of practicality and classic Nike design.

- Brand: Nike
- Type: Fleece Shorts
- Color: Grey
- Size: Small/Medium (L12" W22")
- Features: Elastic waistband
- SKU: 4626

Crafted from soft, high-quality fleece, these shorts provide a cozy fit ideal for lounging or light activities. The elastic waistband ensures a snug and adjustable fit, while the vintage grey color adds a timeless appeal. Pair these shorts with your favorite tee or hoodie for a laid-back, comfortable outfit.

- Soft fleece material for ultimate comfort
- Elastic waistband for an adjustable fit
- Classic grey color for versatile styling
- Ideal for casual wear or lounging
- Size S/M (L12" W22")

Upgrade your casual wardrobe with these Vintage Grey Nike Fleece Shorts. Enjoy the perfect mix of comfort and classic style. #VintageFashion #NikeShorts #FleeceComfort #CasualWear #MensFashion #ElasticWaistband #SKU4626



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