Our Mission

We focus on solving problems, not on problems. We strive to collaborate, not compete. We help sustain the environment when an ordinary customer buy vintage. We win when ordinary citizens understand the impact every individual can make in a community, regardless of who they are or what they believe. For us, there is victory in sustainability that goes beyond reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are defined by our values:

Our mission is to inspire people who care about the environment to choose the best clothes that don’t impact the environment. We want to ensure the long-term success of WeighnPay by expanding our market presence into other cities and by daring to be different and bold.

We love to put a smile on peoples’ faces while giving them the things they need, the things they dream of and the things they didn’t even know existed. All at affordable prices.

We buy products that inspire people to spend time together. This is why we strive to continue to find unique and relevant products for our customers, refine our brand, and further develop our concept.

We are passionate about sustainable clothes that put the environment first.

Our Story

WeighnPay was founded by the co-founder of Flawless Magazine, Sam O’gunshe. A few years ago, Sam used to buy most of his clothes from charity shops, snapping up brands like Ted Baker, YSL and Christian Dior, as well as buying on eBay, while oblivious that the second-hand clothes market is huge business that employs millions of people around the globe.
Fast forward a few years and having realised the potential in the vintage clothes industry, Samson took the leap to leave his 9 to 5 job and entered the market. He was fortunate enough to find a mentor with more than 35 years’ experience in the business to help guide him in the right direction and grow his enterprise to what it is today.

We are appealing to a different set of customers that love, live and breathe vintage clothes and also want to buy on a budget. You can buy as much or as little as you want for €15 per kilo with no restrictions on the type of garment.

The Journey Ahead
From our humble beginnings, sustainability is at the core of our DNA. There is no such thing as throwing things away. It’s obvious that fast fashion is harming our planet. WeighnPay is our way of being eco-friendly and ensuring we help protect our planet for future generations. It’s as simple as saving the planet one kilo at a time.

Our Team

Samson Ogunshe


Vincent Corcoran

Senior Photographer



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