Newsflash: Fast fashion is killing the planet. 

But the time for waffling on the subject has passed. Climate change and its consequences are endangering humanity's survival. And the fashion business is one of the most significant contributors to the current state of affairs.


We’re taking things a step further. 

We're urging businesses all over the world to follow our lead with a bold list of sustainability promises for 2025.


Reduce Fast Fashion Consumption Globally by 10% Through Selling our Vintage and Sustainable Clothes at an Affordable Price.

But what exactly does “Affordable Price” look like? With the sustainability bandwagon becoming increasingly crowded, it can be difficult to know where to start. That is why we are presenting our vision in plain English:

This isn't how things used to be. In reality, it was only in the previous 20 years that customers got infatuated with fast fashion. “What if we went back to selling items before fast fashion?” we wondered. With excellent quality but at a reasonable price. After speaking with our target demographic, we discovered a common complaint: vintage clothing is more expensive than quick fashion.

We are appealing to a different set of customers that love, live and breathe vintage clothes and also want to buy on a budget. We think that by selling our clothes at a similar or lower price than fast fashion, we will be able to bridge the gap and make sustainable clothing the fashion of the future.


From Idea to reality

Every year, the fashion industry emits 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the pollution produced by 456,707,817 cars over the same time period. What's the big deal? Because our industry relies on fossil fuels to power factories, ship goods, and manufacture materials. In other words, the majority of what we wear is made of plastic, which is derived from oil, a fossil fuel.

We're living in a time when the overabundance of fast fashion—readily available, inexpensively made clothing. Fast fashion hurts the environment and the workers who make the clothes.. We believe in transparency and straightforwardness. We believe those who make and shape our world should take responsibility for the way it impacts the environment.

WeighnPay is an ambitious project, but the message is simple; we're levelling the playing field. Sustainability has no boundaries, no borders and no gender. WeighnPay is a new start. We see only reduce, reuse and recycle. Free to all, it's global and it has never been more important. WeighnPay is a call to arms for all those who care about the environment.

Our Approach

We are working in a more sustainable way. From plastic-free or degradable plastic at our events with zero waste. Any stock that didn’t make it to our kilo sale are kindly donated to a charity or up-cycled and made into new material, saving dead stock from landfills; we are doing our bit in big and small ways. Plus, don't forget shopping vintage is a more sustainable way of updating your wardrobe, too.

WeighnPay is kilo sale event where vintage lovers and fashion lovers come, not to just Shop, Weigh and Pay for what they want, but explore and influence.

We worked closely with our target audience to realise our ambitions to go much further than hosting a successful Kilo Sale Event. We plan to become a cultural phenomenon, the go-to place for people who love a good bargain and also care about the environment. During our immersion, we learned that WeighnPay wasn’t just a kilo sale event. It was an ethos – a mind-set.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

To help illustrate the story and personality of WeighnPay, we developed three values connected to the brand's behaviour. Working closely with our target audience, we defined a proposition to galvanise and inspire internal teams, giving them the platform, voice and opinions to harness what made WeighnPay, WeighnPay. We decided to focus on three themes: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Shop, Weigh and Pay.

To bring the idea of Shop, Weigh and Pay to life, copy takes centre stage. We defined a tone of voice that articulates the attitude, confidence and cheek of our brand - and our community – with headlines that subvert accepted language and functional copy that is unapologetically playful.

Our visual exploration brought us to a bold, bright and colourful aesthetic. Looking to the world of speedy and egalitarian design, we created a gallant, loud and lively color palette with a loose layout.


Our VIP Cards


To further deepen our loyal community, our research leads us to develop a VIP card for our loyal customers.  What does the VIP card entail, you ask? Our VIPs card, at €9.99 allows you unlimited access to any of our events as well as a chance to get extra discounts on anything you buy. Please note each card can only be used by the rightful owner and can’t be shared. The card will have your names on it and our staff member will ask you to present your card if you want a discount at our event or want access to our events.

Returning to our roots, 2019 was a year of rediscovering our roots and bringing the past into the future. During the past year we have made a strategic decision to concentrate more on the less expensive price points – by keeping our sale price as cheap as €15 per kilo. Already, we can see that our customers like the new focus. They are filling up their bags at all our events and leaving happier, inspired, and satisfied – without having spent a fortune. Knowing they are part of a community that are doing their bits to help the environments.

With our VIP card you can just skip the queue and not pay gate fees for the entire year at any of our kilo sale events.



If you spend more than €33 at any of our events, we will give you a €5 discount off your purchase with our VIP card.

If you spend more than €66 at any of our events, we will give you a €10 discount off your purchase with our VIP card.

If you spend more than €99 at any of our events, we will give you a €15 discount off your purchase with our VIP card.

If you spend more than €199 at any of our events, we will give you a €20 discount off your purchase with our VIP card.

If you spend more than €299 at any of our events, we will give you a €30 discount off your purchase with our VIP card.

If you spend more than €399 at any of our events, we will give you a €35 discount off your purchase with our VIP card.



Beyond Sustainability and Vintage.

We ran a workshop with the internal team to understand what sustainability and culture means to WeighnPay and to our customers. We also spoke with team members and customers in different countries to discover all the trends and tastes – essentially what’s cool in Dublin, Cork and Limerick

Following the campaign of our previous events, we wanted to build brand awareness that resonates with our target audience. We wanted our target audience to feel like they are part of a community that’s helping the environment. We needed more audacious goals that go beyond showing up at your local city, that include doing our best to ensure thousands of garments don’t end up in landfills or simply go to waste. We wanted to ensure that we do more than our fair share in helping the environment.

The campaign’s focus was on the major cities across Ireland, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, Kilkenny, and more, with a series of posters on public buses and keys places with high footfall. And a targeted digital campaign for other key cities, including Waterford, Derry, Dundalk, Drogheda and South Dublin.  We realise there are people who would like to attend our kilo sale but don’t live in all the major cities. Initially, our goal was to be the first kilo sale company to host a kilo sale in every city in Ireland.  But our events are not run on hugs and kisses. Aside from being a company that cares about the environment, we are also a company that employs people and we need to be profitable to sustain our long-term mission of helping the environment.  To make up for the fact that we might not be able to show up everywhere, we introduced an alternative to those communities we can’t reach physically and aimed to be omnipresent both online and offline so you can shop our kilo sale online and offline with our newly launched website called kilo shop.





weighnpay vintage kilosale



We explored three territories about what our campaign should focus on – reduce, reuse and recycle. We know that the community is what’s most powerful. To introduce WeighnPay to the world, we decided to put the customers front and centre.


Their voices are more powerful than ours

During our strategy phase, we conducted a national target audience research – diving into the world of Gen Z, understanding what sustainability and culture means to them.

While we re-familiarised ourselves with the vintage sub-culture and people who wear and buy second hand clothes, we noticed a trend – people were using animated text in their bio and caption as self-expression. From ‘get the festo season back to us rapid cuz,’ to ‘Taking you back to the 90s,’ people all over Ireland were writing creative descriptions with their own unique styles, inspirations and personalities. This became the foundation and idea for our whole campaign. It was the perfect opportunity to show those authentic voices – let the users speak for WeighnPay while showing off their hyper-creative nature.
Our community runs on voices like yours. It keeps us going, and keeps us grounded. Tell us like it is. Send us your best bios or captions. We’d love to feature you and land more eyeballs on your page. And we think you’ll love the bragging rights, too.

Kilo Shop

We have just opened up our online shop to give us omnipresent access to those communities in Ireland we might not be able to reach with our events.

Our Kilo Shop is an online manifestation of all our physical kilo sale events. Our kilo sale is not just in the real world; you can also purchase our kilo sale online via our website. If you buy anything from our kilo shop and it doesn’t suit you or it’s slightly bigger, you can bring it to any of our live events with a copy of your receipt for proof of purchase for exchange ONLY.  All items sold as seen - no returns! Please note we do not accept returns of items bought at our live events.



Revealing the user (Working with influencers and micro influencers)

As another reward for customers, and to tailor to the parts of Ireland where WeighnPay doesn’t have as much awareness, we included thought provoking photography of the ideal customers, as well as their bios and captions. The photography is a celebration of the real styles and attitudes of our real customers, shot by WeighnPay. Our photography inspires our audience of young and old, partners and customers, local and global.

weighnpay vintage kilo sale


Our Ever changing tagline

We also created a bespoke tagline for each item we sell. Our mechanic of ‘Shop. Weigh. XXXXX.’ clearly articulates what WeighnPay is, while letting our customers fill in the blank of what they’ll like to buy at our events.  This reflects the individuality of what we sell at our event. The result is each tagline never being the same, a surprising reward for a curious audience.



The best bios and Captions so far

We collaborated closely with much of our target audience and carefully selected which users to work with for the campaign. We wanted to work with customers with the most creative bios and captions, not just people who had lots of followers. We were aiming for depth, not just width. We wanted to find a diverse group of people – celebrating all the styles, trends, fashions and expressions that reflect what WeighnPay is. 

Although all the bios and caption were amazing, we needed to work closely with a number of the customers to perfect and co-create theirs, so they would resonate with our target audience. 



The wider world

To accompany the print campaign in Dublin and Cork, we’ve also co-created, with our customers, 18 additional bios for the social and digital campaigns in key universities and cities across Ireland, including Limerick. The campaign also includes full-page ads in cultural publications such as Totally Dublin and Totally Cork. We use other activation ideas including lo-fi tearaway ads and fly posters.

It’s been a great journey working on our first campaign – we can’t wait to see the results – increasing brand-awareness to all the right people in all the right places.





Our Three Pillars of Sustainability

Reduce: Also, to encourage and foster incentives for the average person to do their bit where and when they can; one person can rarely achieve much, but as a group, effects in some areas are cumulative. The supply and demand market is consumerist in nature and modern life requires a lot of resources every single day. For the sake of the environment, getting what we consume under control is the paramount issue.

Reuse: The biggest hot topic for many people right now is sustainable clothing and how we can better make clothes we wear from sustainable material. The final element is education - encouraging people to participate in environmental sustainability and teaching them about the effects of environmental protection as well as warning of the dangers if we cannot achieve our goals

Recycle: We all know what we need to do to protect the environment, whether that is recycling, reducing fast fashion consumption by buying vintage rather than fast, by donating old clothes to charities instead of throwing them away.



Our missions

We focus on solving problems, not on problems. We strive to collaborate, not compete. We help sustain the environment when an ordinary customer buy vintage. We win when ordinary citizens understand the impact every individual can make in a community, regardless of who they are or what they believe. For us, there is victory in sustainability that goes beyond reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are defined by our values:

Our mission is to inspire people who care about the environment to choose the best clothes that don’t impact the environment. We want to ensure the long-term success of WeighnPay by expanding our market presence into other cities and by daring to be different and bold.

We love to put a smile on peoples’ faces while giving them the things they need, the things they dream of and the things they didn’t even know existed. All at affordable prices.

We buy products that inspire people to spend time together. This is why we strive to continue to find unique and relevant products for our customers, refine our brand, and further develop our concept.

We are passionate about sustainable clothes that put the environment first.















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