Women Gap denim leggings in W32 L 27 Label says 12R/31 SKU | 4602

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Women’s GAP Denim Leggings in W32 L27 (Label says 12R/31) - SKU 4602

Upgrade your casual wardrobe with these Women’s GAP Denim Leggings. Perfect for everyday wear, these leggings combine the classic look of denim with the comfort and flexibility of leggings.

- Brand: GAP
- Color: Denim
- Size: W32 L27 (Label says 12R/31)
- Type: Denim Leggings
- SKU: 4602

These denim leggings are designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, thanks to their high-quality stretchy material. The classic denim look makes them versatile for pairing with various tops and shoes, whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual.

- High-quality stretchy denim material for comfort and flexibility
- Snug fit with the appearance of classic denim
- Versatile design suitable for various outfits and occasions
- Elastic waist for added comfort

Elevate your style with the Women’s GAP Denim Leggings. Enjoy the perfect blend of classic denim style and modern comfort. #GAP #DenimLeggings #WomensFashion #ComfortAndStyle #VersatileWear #ClassicDenimLook #SKU4602



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